Energizer LED Vision HD+ Focus Headlight - 85 Metres

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Product Description

The Energizer LED Vision HD + Focus Headlight is lightweight and brilliantly bright with a fully adjustable and comfortable headband which also provides a secure and stable fit no matter what the activity - be it outdoor pursuits or indoor activites. The Energizer LED vision HD + Focus Headlight benefits from up to 6 hours battery life(high mode) and up to 50 hours (low mode). 3 bright and long life LEDs provide up to 250 lumens of vibrant and super white light that has a beam range up to 80 Metres and the 2 red LEDs light help with night vision, considering it's size and weight it's a great distance - also has an easy to use on/off switch. It has a dimmable function that allows you to go from 100% down to 10 % of the capacity of the light and a digital focus. The Energizer LED Vision HD headlight has a durable construction and economical, stylish lighting solution when both hands are needed.

Product Specification

Price: £9.99
Beam Range: 85m
Lumens Range: 315lm
Operating Time (Approx.): 6 Hours
Battery Included: Yes
Power Supply: 3 x AAA Batteries
Brand: Energizer
Product Sticker: N/A

Energizer LED Vision HD+ Focus Headlight - 85 Metres