Eneloop Botanic AAA 750mAh Rechargeable Batteries 8PK

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Product Description

The eneloop Botanic range of rechargeable batteries come pre-charged using solar energy. These environmentally friendly 750mAh rechargeable batteries can be recharged up to 2100 times and will hold up to 70% of it's charge even after 10 years of no use!

These low self-discharge batteries are multi-purpose and are ideal for for digital cameras, torches, games and toys.

Product Specification

Price: £15.99
Battery Size: AAA
Battery Technology: NiMH
Voltage: 1.2V
Brand: Eneloop
Range: Eneloop Tones
Pack Quantity: 8
Rechargeable: Yes
Replaces Size(s): 24A, 24AC, 4003, 59H, 824, AAA, AAANIMH, AAANIMH600, AAANIMH750, AM4, E92, HR03, K3A, MICRO, MN2400, ND61R, R03, RB100885, RB102267, RB102267A, RB103235, UM4
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Eneloop Botanic AAA 750mAh Rechargeable Batteries 8PK