Best Value In Batteries Best Value In Batteries
Save Up To 70% On High-Street Prices Save Up To 70% On High-Street Prices
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30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
A No-Nonsense Returns Procedure A No-Nonsense Returns Procedure

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Battery Force
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The purpose of Battery Force™ is to deliver the Best Value in Batteries to our customers all over the UK. As the UK’s leading battery supplier, we always put our customers first, starting with the selection of reliable products from the World’s leading battery brands, all the way to packing each order with personal attention. We help our customers arrive at the best solution for their battery requirements by offering help with product selection and plenty of advice on how to maximise the performance and useful life of the batteries we supply.

Best Value In Batteries

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We will help you find the right battery for your device. We do this by researching recommendations from manufacturers of batteries and of electronic equipment, and supplying you with any further information you need in order to make the most suitable purchase you can.

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As the UK’s leading battery supplier, we strive to deliver value for money. We do this by offering a huge range of batteries by different manufacturers. This gives you the choice of a top-of-the-range product for a critical application, or a less expensive alternative where cost is most important.

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We keep your equipment happy. We do this by supplying only fresh battery stock, so that you and your equipment can enjoy the maximum amount of power. We are so confident about this that we back up any purchase with our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

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We ensure that you are satisfied with the experience of getting power for your equipment from Battery Force. We do this by caring about providing a good service, and go out of our way to get you the results you expect. And to demonstrate that we’re serious about providing a great service, we operate one of the UK’s best Service Guarantees.

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